• $79.50

    100 Pack Vegan Condoms. By GLYDE


    * Dimensions: Width 2.09”/53mm, Length 7.48” /190mm


    * No Flavor, Color is semi-transparent


    * GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & fair trade premium condom brand


    * Condoms that feel natural and perform reliably. Exceeds global requirements for strength and resilience


    * Clean plant-based formula.  Delivers a more satisfying experience while eliminating concerns about harmful additives, animal products and testing.


    * Patented technology produces a thin sheath with exceptional heat transfer for a more natural experience you’ll both enjoy


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    $28.99 $15.99

    100% Natural Makeup Remover. By Foxbrim


    * 60 mL (2 FL OZ)


    * Easy makeup removal


    * 4 star ratings across 100+ reviews on Amazon (See Below)


    *  Unique blend of hand-picked, proven, Natural & Organic ingredients. A formula with nourishing botanicals and hydrating organic – Gentle for use on face and eyes


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    $24.97 $12.87

    100% Natural Nail Polish Remover. By Pure Vitality Beauty



    * 120 mL


    * Free from Acetate, Ethyl Lactate & Petroleum Chemicals – all of which are harmful with repeated or prolonged exposure


    * 4.5 star ratings across 200+ reviews on Amazon (See Below)


    * Biodegrades quickly and fully. No chemical fumes to pollute the air.


    * Money back guarantee.


  • $29.95

    3 PACK: Creamy Almond Butter. By Zinke Orchards

    • * 3 pack.
    • * 1jar = 16oz(454g)
    • * Free of additives and preservatives
    • * Main ingredient: Dry roasted almonds(California grown almonds)
    • * 4.5 star rating across 400+ reviews on Amazon (See Below)
  • $4.97

    African Black Soap. By Nubian


    * 5 OZ (141g)


    * Made with Oats, Aloe and Vitamin E, palm ash, plantain peel extract, tamarind extract and papaya enzymes


    *  Used to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin ailments


    * Daily use of the line will result in cleaner, clearer, healthier skin.


  • $8.75

    Air Freshener- lavender. By The Green Life


    * 3.5 FL OZ (103 mL)


    * Lavender Eucalyptus


    * Made from pure and natural citrus oils


    * Lasts up to 4X longer than conventional air fresheners that are mostly made of water


    * Non-aerosol


  • $3.97

    Air Freshener: Aloe & Green Tea. By J.r. Watkins


    * 4 FL OZ


    * All natural


    * Made from: Purified Water, Plant-Derived Surfactants, Fragrance, Ethanol (derived from corn)


    * Long lasting and allows for 600+ sprays


  • $4.97

    All Natural Deodorant. By Alevera


    * 3 FL OZ (89mL)


    * Aloe & almond flavored


    * All natural, all vegetable deodorant formula is designed to keep you dry and odor-free throughout the entire day


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    $14.99 $12.99

    All Natural Deodorant. By Bali Secrets



    * 2 FL OZ (60mL)


    * All natural, vegan and gluten-free. No baking soda. No parabens. No aluminum chlorohydrate


    * 4.5 star ratings across 1000+ reviews on Amazon (See Blow)


    * One bottle lasts up to 3 months


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    $24.95 $17.95

    B.I.G. Beard Balm 100% Organic

    • Buy from Amazon.com here
    • HOLD: A perfect blend containing beeswax to tame and train wild beard hairs.
    • HYDRATION: Deeply moisturizing both skin and beard hair for the very best relief from dry skin, the itch, and dandruff.
    • REVITALIZATION: Powerful nutrients combined with a quick absorption formula, this beard balm is like a protein shake for your beard. Strong and healthy hair growth will naturally occur with these life giving ingredients.
    • RESTORATION: Radically Repair dry, frizzy, and brittle beard hair naturally. Miraculously leaving skin smoother, healthier, and feeling younger.
    • FREE BONUS ULTIMATE BEARD GUIDE eBOOK: If you are new to the world of bearded men, or a veteran, there will be something in this Beard Guide to help you grow an even more glorious beard.
  • $6.51

    Biodegradable Compost Bags. By The Green Life


    * 13 Gallon Tall


    *  12 bags per pack


    * BioBags are the alternative to regular plastic bags


    * Size is equivalent to regular tall kitchen plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans.


    * BioBags are certified compostable, meet ASTM 6400




  • $10.73

    Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Ounce

    • Buy from Amazon.com here
    • Unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized
    • Made from the finest, delicious, healthy, organically grown apples
    • Add flavor to most foods, salads, veggies and even popcorn
    • Pantry Must-Have – Substitute white, balsamic and rice vinegar for our ACV for its tangy flavor and wholesome benefits. No need for refrigeration!
    • Improve Overall Complexion – Our ACV can be diluted with water to create your own facial toner. The Mother improves complexion by balancing skin tone and promoting a natural glow. Suitable for day and nighttime use!
    • Natural Hair Tonic – Revive hair for smoothness and shine from long-term or short-term damage. Dilute ACV with water and apply to scalp and ends of hair to manage dullness, split ends and flakiness.