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Vahdam Tea Sampler (14 Pure Unblended Teas)


  • Tea Sampler from Vahdam Teas.
  • Garden fresh, refreshing tea from India.
  • 100% pure unblended tea.
  • Ethically sourced. Straight from farmer to consumer. No middlemen. Which ensures farmers get the highest price for their produce.
  • Fresh. Fair trade. Refreshing tea.
  • Includes (.35oz | 10gm of each):
    1 Rose Herbal Green Tea
    2 Goomtee Premium Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea
    3 Oaks Premium Darjeeling Second Flush Organic Black Tea
    4 Giddapahar Exotic Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea
    5 Barnesbeg Premium Darjeeling Second Flush Organic Black Tea
    6 Gopaldhara Red Thunder Darjeeling Autumn Flush Black Tea
    7 Autumn Gold Darjeeling Organic Black Tea
    8 Arya Emerald Darjeeling Second Flush Organic Green Tea
    9 Organic Premium Darjeeling Green Tea
    10 Dharamsala Mann Kangra Hand Rolled First Flush Oolong Tea
    11 India’s Original Masala Chai
    12 Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea
    13 Jasmine Earl Grey Green Tea
    14 Namring Upper Darjeeling Autumn Flush Green Tea



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