• $6.51

    Biodegradable Compost Bags. By The Green Life


    * 13 Gallon Tall


    *  12 bags per pack


    * BioBags are the alternative to regular plastic bags


    * Size is equivalent to regular tall kitchen plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans.


    * BioBags are certified compostable, meet ASTM 6400




  • $6.76

    Countertop Cleaner. By Better Life


    * 16 FL OZ


    * Safer for your home, safer for the environment


    * 99% of ingredients are all natural


    * Ingredients: Purified water, coconut Surfactants (coconut oil), pomegranate oil, grapefruit oil, biodegradable polymer, and preservatives (6ppm)


  • $5.26

    Odor Eliminating Refrigerator Crystals.


    * 1.75 OZ


    * Odor-absorbing crystals for your refrigerator


    * Lasts up to 12 months


    * Non-toxic and spill proof, and stops food from absorbing odor


  • $5.88

    Resealable Sandwich Bags. By The Green Life


    * 25 bags per pack


    * Perfect for school and work lunches


    * Made from GMO free starches


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    $21.99 $9.97

    Reusable Produce Bags

    • Buy from Amazon.com here
    • FOLDABLE, WASHABLE, PORTABLE ★ – Discover convenience with your eco friendly grocery bags
    • COLOR-CODED TAGS & DRAWSTRING ★ – Organize your Awesome Avocados, Perfect Peaches & Tangy Tangerines!
    • BREATHE EASY – Rest assured your FRUIT, VEGETABLE & GARDEN produce will be SAFE in your MESH bags
    •  MULTI FUNCTIONAL – Great for storage – toys, cosmetics, accessories. Travel – shoes & clothes
  • $6.06

    Unscented Dishwashing Soap. By Better Life


    * 22 FL OZ (651mL)


    * Simple, unscented, non-toxic, dishwashing soap


    * Safer for your home, safer for the environment


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    $48.99 $6.69

    X- Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

    • Buy it from Amazon.com here
    • Eco-Friendly: Made of fine stainless steel, cyclic utilization, eco-friendly and money-saving.
    • SAFE and EASY CLEAN: Dishwasher safe & easy to clean
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: The X-Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are designed Rust and scratch proof-304 stainless steel. Lifetime usage.
    • GUARANTEE: X-Chef guarantees all buyers 100% satisfaction, once you find any problem with the product please feel free to contact us, we will solve it as soon as we can. All customers are guaranteed with 1 YEAR warranty.
  • $19.99

    Paperless Coffee Filter

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    • The perfect alternative to disposable paper filters, which rob your coffee of essential oils and nutrients.
    • Designed to fit on most cups, mugs, thermoses, small pots, and even carafes.
    • Laser cut 18/10 stainless steel double filter ensures that no grounds end up in your cup
    • Our pour over coffee filter does not absorb essentials oils from coffee beans, allowing you to make a perfectly clear and flavorful coffee every single time.
    • Reusable and easy to clean – simply rinse well with warm water or throw it into the dishwasher.