What is BeneComm?

     BeneComm is a socially responsible e-commerce site. Our goal is to present consumers with socially responsible alternatives to products from all over the web. We strive to ensure that all products listed on BeneComm not only give back to the world in one way or another, but that they also are able to provide a viable alternative for the average consumer in terms of price. In addition to promoting popular socially responsible products, we run a blog where we try to shed light on important issues that are affecting the world today. We encourage you to join in on the discussion!

Our Mission

      We are tired of crony capitalism. The greed of a handful of people on wall street allows for unjust wealth distribution. While CEOs of large companies and hedge fund managers make millions of dollars, there are millions of people who can barely afford to put food on the table. This has created an economy that awards financial transaction rather than the production of goods and services. Thus, making our economy a lot less equitable for the vast majority – the 99%.


      At BeneComm we believe that the answer to unjust wealth distribution is small business. Specifically, small, ethical businesses. We have to create demand for the businesses that also care about us, and care about the world around them.


       However, we also acknowledge that there are many people who do care about ethical consumerism, but not enough or cannot afford the premium prices which are usually associated with ethical consumption. Therefore, at BeneComm, our goal is to show consumers that they can purchase EVERYDAY products, which are ethically sourced without the premium price. We do this by utilizing efficient business models, technology and operating at a lower than average profit margin. Because at BeneComm, we care about more than just the bottom line.